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Powerful zero-effort cloud hosting

StormCloud Solo is a super fast and reliable Cloud based virtual server bundled with fully-managed 24/7 maintenance, security, and disaster recovery for everything that you host on it.

Just launch and go

  Built for performance
With no single point of failure and infrastructure designed to handle heavy loads, you'll always be online and ready to deliver seamless end-user experiences. 24/7 AI and human monitoring proactively screens and eliminates potential disruptive anomalies before they reach your server.
  We'll keep your sites running
We'll help you minimise downtime losses by monitoring the status of your sites, 24/7. Rapid response teams investigate downed sites and go the extra mile to bring them back online. Once everything's running smoothly, we'll notify you of the incident. No more support queues, no more 3am panic.
  Secured & Compliant
We'll go the extra mile to keep your information and visitors safe. We'll scan your server and sites for threats and vulnerabilities every month, and automatically keep you on the cutting edge of full PCI-compliance. With sites included in the scan, you'll be notified if your code isn't up to PCI-compliant standards.
  Backed up, ready to restore
With Storm you're always backed up. Choose your daily, weekly, or custom backup schedule. All backups are verified, wrapped with industrial-grade encryption, and stored in Tier 4 ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 audited and certified data centres. Rapid on-demand restores help minimise data loss and reputational damage.
  Managed hosting at a whole new level
StormCloud Solo's customisable support delivers peace of mind like no one else can. Tell us how you want alerts from business-critical services you host to be handled, and we'll manage them 24/7 while you focus on your goals. The only 3am text you'll get is that it's business as usual.
  A Personalised Service
We're with you for the long haul from the moment you sign up. Share your ideas and goals, and we'll work with you to make them happen – even if we have to invent new solutions or bend the rules. These aren't just fancy words; our one-on-one commitment to our clients is demonstrated through our various awards.

High-performance, robust reliability

Superior Hardware
High-end compute power and SSD-based storage combined with the Storm CDN delivers the speed and reliability your end-users will love.
Scalable hosting
Choose your preferred Linux or Windows Operating System version and scale processing power, memory, and storage space as required. Paying only for what you need, when you need it.
Fixed-cost pricing
Fixed cost pricing means you'll always know exactly what you're spending at the end of the month. No extra costs, hidden penalties or usage-based additional fees.
Green inside and out
From hardware to choosing our data centre partners and initiatives to offset our annual carbon emissions by more than 400%, we'll always work to minimise our environmental impact.

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Use cases

Learn how a StormCloud Solo server helped Anna of YKK...

If you need a responsive company to help with your web needs, then you can do no better than to call Storm Internet. Their dedicated team will help out in the most pressing of circumstances.

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Award Winning - 7 times winner at the UK Internet Industry Awards!

Over the past five years we've proven six times that great hosting isn't about cutting-edge technology and great sales pitches. Instead, it's about a fundamental desire to empower our clients - to be the best they can be.

So when we receive awards, such as the prestigious UK Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA) Awards, we do so on behalf of our clients. Only by extending their businesses into our own can we become better ourselves - good enough, at least, to make a difference.


Mike Bowen - Channel and Mobile Solutions

We rely on Storm, 5 years and counting. They elevate managed hosting to a whole new level and speak our language.

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