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Cloud Storage Defined
19 December 2016 by Walker Rowe
Cloud Storage Defined Cloud storage means storing data files with a public cloud provider.  The customer can host their virtual machines and apps with the cloud provider too.  Or, in a hybrid architecture, they can keep those in their own data center and ...
Are You Losing Sales on Your Landing Page?
01 December 2016 by Chelsea Allenby
Has your website got a rather high bounce rate? A bounce rate of 48% is about average, but certainly not ideal and anything over 60% is poor. If you’re reading this and your website currently falls into the over 70% category, the good news is, there is plenty of...
How to Determine Your Most Valuable Marketing Channels
01 December 2016 by Chelsea Allenby
Digital marketing can be very costly if you’re not keeping an eye on what is and isn’t driving the results for your business. Once you identify which channels are delivering the most sales, you can invest more money into a model that is working. From this ...
29 November 2016 by Walker Rowe
What the System Administrator and Architect Need to Know about IPv6 IPv6 is something programmers and architects routinely ignore.  But the future tells us that this is a topic that should be on the planner’s radar. The IPv4 address nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn is...
What is AJAX?
07 November 2016 by Tarun Kumar
How Ajax is Influencing Networks As the world is digitalizing, many new concepts are arising in different areas like Ajax, Cloud Based cPanel Web Hosting and much more. Ajax is a client-side script which communicates to and from a particular database or a server wi...
A Step towards a New Horizon
07 November 2016 by Tarun Kumar
Perplexed about Joomla?  What is Joomla? It is a very good instrument used in the development of certain websites like ecommerce, online newspapers and many more. It uses oriented programming methods so that relevant code can be programmed properly. ...
What is Prometheus
05 November 2016 by Walker Rowe
Prometheus Performance Monitor  Prometheus is  an open source performance monitoring tool first developed at SoundCloud.  (SoundCloud is not the only media company to have one of those.  Netflix built Vector which you can get here.  Bu...
Why the Cloud?
27 October 2016 by Tarun Kumar
What is the cloud? It’s a sort of electronic construction where data gets stored over various different computers and served up through a network connection. Today, companies are hiring Cloud Hosting Services Providers like Storm Internet for their business. ...
Why should you consider the private cloud?
25 October 2016 by Tarun Kumar
Is it time to consider the Private Cloud? In this advanced era, businesses of all sizes are consider investing in cloud computing to increase their productivity. And this is the reason that the number of Cloud Hosting Services Provider is increasing rapidly. An ...
What makes us human?
18 October 2016 by Charlotte Scadeng
What makes us human? Westworld, humanoids and technology. Westworld has received great reviews as one of the best science fiction series television has witnessed for a while.  But could anyone experience it for real in his lifetime? Just wonder about a w...
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